At Acorn Farm we offer an extensive education programme, giving local schools and community groups the opportunity to learn about farm animals and food production in a variety of different ways. Our education programme includes:


Our Animobile is a mobile farm which is brought out to schools and other groups in the community who may otherwise be unable to access us. The animals we bring include sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, rabbits and guinea pigs (and when available we may also bring chicks, ducklings, lambs and goat kids). Children are given the chance to learn about the animals and have hands-on contact with them, too!

Guided Tours

Groups of 15 or more visiting the farm Monday-Thursday will need to pre-book a guided tour. Our tours can cover different topics as requested to link in with the national curriculum.

Incubator Hire

Our incubator package can be hired out to schools and other registered groups so that you can hatch your own chicks and see new life begin! The package includes an incubator, fertile eggs, chick food and a brooder – and chicks can be returned to the farm to join our flock, so there’s no need to worry about finding them new homes! To find out more about any of the educational activities we offer and to see our Health & Safety guidelines and Risk Assessments, please use the links to the left. Interested in booking? Please contact us for further information and availability.


Acorn Farm Animal Activity Licence Number: 19/03558




When you hire our Animobile, we bring along a selection of our animals to you! Your group will be able to feel, feed and learn about our animals, which may include: small sheep and lambs, pygmy goats and goat kids, rabbit, guinea pig, hen and ducks plus chicks &/or ducklings when available. Our larger animals will be housed in two 2×2 metre square pens for the duration of their visit, whilst smaller animals will be housed in an appropriate hutch or cage.

The Animobile can be used as a general introduction to animals, healthy eating or any other theme/topic as required. Don’t worry if you have bad weather – we can set up indoors or outside if there is shelter available! Prices start from £230 during our off-peak period (September – February) and £250 during our peak period (March – August). We offer a full day session or a half day session. Am sessions will run usually run from 9.30am-11.30am and PM session from 12.30pm-2.30pm   Please phone for availability and exact price for your area. Please Note: Our Animobile is only available Tuesday-Friday

CANCELLATION CHARGE: Please note that should you cancel a booking after we have received a signed booking form, we reserve the right to levy a cancellation fee equivalent to 50% of the overall charge for our visit unless we are advised not to provide this service by the appropriate Government Departments.

These prices can be subject to alteration


Acorn Farm Animal Activity Licence Number: 19/03558




With our Incubator Hire, you can enjoy the exciting and educational experience of hatching your own chicks! This package is particularly popular with schools and groups studying new life.

We provide you with an incubator, 1 dozen fertile eggs, chick crumb, brooder and chick pen plus instruction & support over a 4 week period. Once your chicks have hatched, there’s no need to worry about finding them new homes – chicks can be returned to us with the incubator to join our flock here on the farm! Cost from £170. Delivery & Collection can be arranged for an additional charge. If you have your own incubator, we can provide 1 dozen fertile eggs & chick crumb for just £50.

CANCELLATION CHARGE: Please note that should you cancel a booking after we have received a signed booking form, we reserve the right not to refund any monies paid unless we are advised not to provide this service by the appropriate Government Departments.

These prices can be subject to alteration



Please Note: Guided tours must be booked in advance and are available Monday-Friday. Groups of 15 or more must pre-book a guided tour, for groups of less than 15 who do not require a guided tour, normal admission charges apply: Adults £3.50, Children £2.50, babies under 12 months free.

Our guided tours of the farm can be general or topic specific and take approximately 1 hour. Your group will be welcome to stay at the farm after your tour to enjoy the other facilities we have to offer, which include our café, shop and 2 outdoor play areas. We also have toilets and hand washing stations onsite.

Tours can include:

Opportunity to stroke some of our rabbits, guinea pigs, hens, goats & sheep.
Friendly & informative tour leaders.
Feed for animals.
Resource Room for use of school groups (limited seating available).
Wheelchair accessible sheds plus viewing sheds with low level windows.

Guided tour charges (for groups of 15 and more):

– Child £5.00 / Adult £4.50

From 1st March 2024 there will be an increase in price.

-Child £5.50/Adult £4.50

(1 adult goes free of charge for every 10 paying children)


Want to make a day of it?
Check out our woodland walk (trail leaflet available to guide yourself around) or give the children an opportunity for a Horse Ride for just £3.00 each! Home Made dairy milk ice-cream can also be pre-ordered at £3.00 a tub.

CANCELLATION CHARGE: Please note that should you cancel a visit after confirmation of a booking has been received, we reserve the right to charge you a cancellation fee equivalent to a minimum group fee, currently £50.

These prices can be subject to alteration



Click Here to download this Health & Safety Guide.

General Health & Safety checks:

Daily (outside):
Animal health.
Work areas/use of tools.
Appropriate display of notices – while work in progress or during lambing, kidding or farrowing.
Play areas.

Provision of hand-washing facilities outside and inside with toilets.
Access to baby change and assessible toilet.
Shop/Café/building access points.
Exits clearly signed.

Fire Procedure – should be mentioned in meet and greet talk to teachers:
To exit the building by the nearest safe exit point and assemble in the car park.

First Aid Facilities – should be mentioned in meet and greet talk to teachers:
First Aid book kept in the office.
Accident book kept in the office.
Qualified first aiders – at least one on site at all times.
Appointed Health & Safety contract.

Car Park:
Ensure adult supervision when walking through the car park.

Guided Tours:
Liaise with staff.
Carry out periodic evaluations re: services provided.

Meet & greet talk covers issues such as:
Hand washing/toilets.
Not eating, drinking, putting fingers in mouth or kissing animals during the tour.
We provide the food for the animals. Follow the directions of the tour leader. Only touch / feed those encouraged to do so. Not the pigs or horses. Mention at the start of the tour and again before we get to the animals and the reasons for this.
Horses seen in field.
Horse Rides booked in advance. Provide hard hats and specialist safety equipment e.g. Devonshire boots on stirrups to stop feet slipping through. Minimum of three staff, 1 to lead, 1 to side walk and 1 to help with mounting and dismounting.
Classroom (seating for 12 adults on chairs) for approx. 30 children.
Follow tour leader around the farm.
If staying for dinner, encourage groups to leave packed lunches on coaches or in the classroom provided.
Only book in one large group at a time.

Hand Washing:

Hands must be washed thoroughly with soap and water:
After touching the animals, fences or other surfaces in animal areas.
After removing dirty shoes or boots that have been worn on the farm.
Before eating.
Gels and wipes do not remove all of the bacteria (including e.coli) that is in dirt.

Picnic Areas:
Away from the animals.

Out of bounds. Access points are kept locked.

Kept locked away when not in use. Site tidied at the end of the day.

We comply with Health and Safety Executive guidelines on preventing and controlling ill health from animal contact at visitor attractions. [Ref.]
Up to date public liability insurance.
Members of National Farm Attraction Network, Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens and Farms for Schools.
Education Officer is CEVAS (Countryside Educational Visits Accreditation Scheme) qualified.





Click here to download this Risk Assessment.

All animals kept in appropriate cages/hutches.

Introduced to children, explain about how we feel different parts e.g. feet & feathers of hens & ducks NOT beaks.

Remind children not to kiss the animals or put their fingers in their mouths after touching the animals.

Rabbits & guinea pigs – direction to stroke i.e. head to tail.

Large animals wear harnesses/collars as appropriate to size and age.

Kept in separate dedicated 7 foot square pens.

Remind children if necessary about not climbing on pens.

All animals provided with food & water.

Show how to feed larger animals – remind about hand washing.

End of visit – put animals away. Dismantle pens, sweep up & wash down play area (will use disinfectant provided by venue if asked). If inside fold up plastic sheeting to remove any animal debris.

Arrival/departure in vehicle, ensure access points are clear & safe to proceed.
Some children may have asthma/skin allergies (advisable to seek consent from parents prior to our visit to ascertain if there will be any children who are just to look and not touch.)

When bringing out young lambs/kids (up to about 6 weeks of age) staff made aware so anyone who could be pregnant can avoid handling them.

At end of each session remind about importance of hand washing before doing anything else. Hands must be washed thoroughly with soap and water. Gels and wipes do not remove all bacteria (including e-coli).


Opening Times

10am – 4pm (7 days a week)
Sorry no dogs allowed [except for assistance dogs]

Oak Tree Cafe (cafe only!)


Mar – Oct:
Hot food served until 3:45pm

Nov – Feb:
Hot food served until 2:45pm


Mar – Sep:
Hot food served until 3:45pm

Oct – Feb:
Hot food served until 2:45pm

Oct/Feb half term holidays:

Hot food served until 3:45pm


We are a charity

Please help, thank you

Certificate of Excellence
Certificate of Excellence


Acorn Farm, Depot Road, Kirkby, Knowsley, L33 3AR

The X3 (stops on Woodward Road), 97A and 98A (stops on Acornfield Road) bus routes come closest to the farm; please go to for details.

Admission Prices

Adults: £4.00
Children (1-16 years old):£3.00
Under 12 months: Free of charge

Groups of 15 people or more must prebook a guided tour for which there is an additional charge. Click here to contact us.