Our meerkats were introduced to the farm in July 2012. They are two brothers and were very kindly donated to us by Knowsley Safari Park. Our two little meerkats have quickly become very popular with visitors and staff alike because they are very entertaining to watch!

Meerkat facts:

  • Meerkats are a type of mongoose from the plains of southern Africa.
  • They usually live in large communities called “mobs”.
  • Meerkats often stand upright on their hind legs to survey their surroundings.
  • The males in the group take turns at being sentry (guard). They stand upright on the highest ground and keep lookout for any danger such as predators.
  • In most mobs, the alpha female is the leader and she is known as the queen. She and her mate are the only members of the group allowed to have babies.
  • A baby meerkat is called a pup
  • Meerkats are very clever and even have their own language to communicate with each other.
  • Meerkats make tunnels and burrows under the ground to sleep in. They have long claws to help them to dig.