At Acorn Farm, we have rabbits of lots of different colours and sizes and they often come out to meet our visitors during our Small Animal Petting sessions! The first animal we ever had here at the farm was a rabbit called Sid back in 1985!

Rabbit facts:

  • An adult male is a buck and an adult female is a doe. A newborn is called a kitten.
  • There are around 50 different breeds of rabbits in the UK.
  • Rabbits can weigh from 1kg-8kg
  • Dwarf breeds can live for 10-12 years whereas giant breeds only live for 4-5 years.
  • Rabbits can breed from 4 months old.
  • A rabbit pregnancy lasts for just 31 days and the average litter size is between 4-12 kittens!
  • When baby rabbits are born, they have no fur, can’t hear and won’t open their eyes for about 10 days.
  • Rabbits have been known to reach speeds of 44mph!
  • Rabbits are more closely related to horses than they are to mice. They share a similar diet and method of digesting food.
  • Rabbits have been on the planet for over 3 and a half million years!
  • A rabbit’s teeth continue to grow throughout its life.