We have lots of sheep at Acorn Farm, including a ram. We usually have plenty of lambs to see during the spring!

Sheep facts:

  • An adult male is called a tup or a ram and an adult female is a ewe. A newborn is called a lamb.
  • A group of sheep is called a flock.
  • A sheep is pregnant for 5 months. Twins are common and occasionally a sheep will have triplets or quadruplets.
  • Sheep fat is known as tallow and can be used to make candles and soap.
  • The removal of a sheep’s fleece is known as shearing.
  • Wool from different breeds can be used for different things, e.g. wool from Herdwick sheep is very coarse and hardwearing and is often used to make carpets.
  • Sheep only have teeth on their lower jaw. Their upper jaw is a hard toothless pad.
  • Sheep have poor eyesight but an excellent sense of hearing.
  • Sheep have 4 stomachs!