At Acorn Farm we keep bullocks. They live on the Moses fields and spend most of their time munching grass!

Cattle facts:

  • An adult male is a bull and an adult female is a cow. A newborn is called a calf. Bullocks are castrated males.
  • A group of cattle is called a herd
  • Different breeds of cattle are used for meat and milk production. Many calves are a cross between a beef breed and a dairy breed.
  • A cow is pregnant for 9.5 months.
  • Cows need to have a calf before they will start to produce milk. The production of milk is known as lactation.
  • A cow can produce far more milk in her lifetime than a human can consume – around 20,000 full glasses!
  • All cattle must have an identification tag in each ear. They also have passports and must never travel anywhere, e.g. to market, without them!
  • Leather is made from tanned cow hide. Tanning is a process which involves drying the skin.
  • You can lead a cow upstairs but not downstairs!
  • Cattle are colour blind, which means that bulls can’t see red!